Denmark pays tribute to Lego with brick-filled postage stamps

by Gareth Mankoo

I could live with the fact that the country I live in produces postage stamps themed around Lego. In addition to being the nation that packs us some mean chocolate overdose, Denmark also take their postage stamp innovations rather seriously. This explains why the Danes have two different Lego-themed postage stamps out in circulation. The stamps were launched on January 2 in keeping with the theme of national ‘Old Toys’, for the European Postal Service’s 2015 Europa theme. Well, Legos have not yet been relegated to being old in any sense but yes, they have played a significant role in the development of young brains for decades now.

The 10-krone ($0.16) stamp features the protoganist of the Lego movie while a woman features in the 14.5-krone rendition. They are surrounded by some bricks, flying around in the company of currency and country indicator tiles. You can pick them up in the US as well, through the Denmark Stamp Agency in North America.


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