Delta to offer The Cozy Suite for Economy Class

by yogesh

y biggest nightmare at the moment is the 12-hour flight that awaits me to my holiday destination. Naturally my blogger’s salary doesn’t give me the luxury of First Class let alone Business Class, so crammed seats and bruised elbows goes with the territory. The scene is about to change thanks to the Cozy Suite, an amazing seating arrangement meant for the Economy Class that not only offers comfortable seating but also allows the craft to take in more passengers. The seats have been designed by Thompson Solutions and Delta Air Lines plans to place the “fixed cocoons” in its Boeing 777 and 767 economy classes by 2010.

Cozy Suite features seats arranged in such a manner that the person next to you is quite out of your way, you can recline without disturbing the person seated behind you. The seat features a footrest along with an extra 2 inches of legroom. The passenger in the window seat can get to the aisle without the other two getting up.