Dell Latitude Z charges wirelessly!

by Gareth Mankoo

The Latitude Z charges wirelessly enough to stun you right where you are. Yup, and it’s totally Dell. This is done with the help of an inductive pad that is built into the laptop stand that can charge your laptop in about the same time it would take a wired connection. All it will take is a small, independent adapter the can hook up the laptop to hook it up to any accompanying monitor. This adapter does cost extra but is worth its capability. The Latitude Z also has some cool touch sensitive controls. These sliding touch controls are located on the right side of the bezel. The moment they come in control with your fingers, they become visible. These can be used to scroll through certain pages and can also be customized for more functionality.

Finally we have the instant-on function that let’s the Latitude Z spring to life as soon as it’s switched on. All is cool in the Dell labs for now. However, there are scores of other features stuffed into this, including the mammoth 2 hours battery life.

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