Dell brings the Mini 12 tiny Netbook out to keep teenagers busy

by mohsin

The Dell Mini 12 includes a crisp 12.1″ display in WXGA resolution, a built-in webcam, Bluetooth and 802.11b/g wireless for internet applications. The system uses 1GB of RAM, to run multimedia content, software, and documents, which can be stored either on a 60GB or 80GB hard drive. It’s still a lightweight gizmo at just 1300g. By launching the Dell Mini 12 and Mini 9, the manufacturer is certainly well placed for Christmas covering the hot netbook market, but also the niche of 12-inch devices. The new Inspiron is placed between the netbook line (Inspiron Mini 9) and Dell’s laptop range. The company said that the Mini 12 would be available only in Japan for the moment. Dell hopes to approach especially young people and travelers with the Inspiron Mini 12 who share their multimedia content with friends and family. The Dell Inspiron Mini 12 is starting at $600 and backs on the Windows XP OS or Ubuntu. Configurations that are more expensive include Vista Home Basic.

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