Dedon Nestrest lets you hang around in style and comfort from anywhere

by Shayne Rana

As comfy as a hammock may be, swinging back and forth in the balmy breeze it’s not the easier place to work in nor is it always in the shade. So to deal with this Dedon, along with designer Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety, announced the perfect solution – the Nestrest hanging lounger. It’s actually like a little hanging room that’s designed to look like its name sake, a nest. It’s absolutely perfect for just ‘hanging around’ and the wicker weave gives it an authentic nest-y feel. You can decorate it as you see fit and cozy it up with all kinds of luxury, bets part is, it looks comfortable enough to lazy about in and even get a little work done. The Nestrest will be available in Natural or Chalk finish and you can get more details at Dedon. Hanging around just took on a whole new meaning.