Death Star Mood Light shows us the light

by Gareth Mankoo

Could you imagine the Death Star to be set to task, doing something that is anything but destructive? This is just what the Death Star Mood Light is all about. The scaled-down version of the ship come with the tangible resemblance of the original, complete with the textures and crevices that are reminiscent of the Death Star. The thermal exhaust pipe is amiss in this one, but we can let that go and appreciate the sleekness of this one. It is powered by a meter long micro USB cable that comes included in the package. It is turned on by pressing the ship. It hovers menacingly over the surface, thanks to the illusion created by a transparent stand.

The Death Star Mood Light measures 48.5cm(W) x 22.5cm(H) x 18.5cm(D) and can spill its colorfully milky hues lightly around your room. It costs just under £20 ($31).

[Available at – Firebox]

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