Datamation Systems’ New Carts and Security Cabinets can Sync and Recharge Multiple iPads

by ruchi

Datamation Systems have long been in the business of protecting gadgetry like Tablets and Laptops through its offerings of carts, cabinets and security devices. With the increasing use of expensive devices like iPads in school and library environments it thought of revamping its product line and embedding some great capabilities therein. It has unveiled New Security Carts and Cabinets which can sync, recharge and lock up multiple iOS tablets.

The makers have released their NETSAFE-IPC, one of their products that is a locking table-top cabinet which can juice up as much as 20 iPads and can store a MacBook in its lower compartment. The syncing version will be unveiled a little latter and will come equipped with the engineering of Cambrionix, the first USB solution for synchronizing and recharging multiple iPads. Their tech mills have been working on models which will be able to handle as much as 32 to 40 iPads in mobile carts.
Datamation systems’ offering seems to be a patron of Apple products so as and when Steve Jobs will be doling out new versions, the NETSAFE-IP will be able to accommodate almost any change. You will have to contact the company directly for details on pricing and availability.

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