Daft Punk-inspired chair would fit perfectly in an Apple Store

by Gareth Mankoo

You know that feeling when you step into or look right through the glazed Apple Stores and see a number of opaque objects around. It’s rather disconcerting. So while Apple cannot make their phones transparent or their wooden display shelves either, we can surely recommend these cool chairs to them. Called the ‘French Touch’, the chairs are designed by Juliette Mutzke-Felippelli for Joogii Design and are made from acrylic. The Daft Punk-inspired chair is comprised of symmetrical pieces that are lap-joined with steel bolts and are covered with dichroic film. The effervescent outer coating appears in shades of hot pink, mint green and electric aqua by day that changes to red, yellow and blue at night.

The chair is available with a playlist of the Daft Punk music that inspired its creation. Designer Juliette Mutzke-Felippelli said, “The chair is as vibrant and mesmerizing as the combination of uplifting disco samples and heavy filters used in tracks during the heyday of the French house musical genre.”


[ Via : Freshome ]

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