Cyroscope DIY device lets you “feel” the weather outside without having you step out

by Gavril Mankoo

Decades before, an innovation like this would be cast away with a wary eye. Those were the days when the people of this world preferred stepping out of the comfort of their homes to the world outdoors. Those were the days when couch potatoes were rare and kids preferred the weather outside. These days, the humankind has turned housebound. The Cyroscope makes for a perfect gadget to further have people stay indoors. A DIY project by Robb Godshaw, this one uses an Arduino controller to indicate the weather outside. A DIY type of weather reporter that replicates the weather outside indoors, enabling you to stay away from weather changes you aren’t too fond of, this device has LED indicators and lets you “feel” the temperature outside, with your touch!

Cryoscope from Robb Godshaw on Vimeo.


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