Cybertecture Mirror is the smartest mirror you can own

by Gareth Mankoo

Reflections are the past. If I want to check for foodstuff trapped in my beard I’d use my front facing camera. But the Cybertecture mirror brings back the balls to mirrors by adding more tech to it that your phone would probably have. Firstly, it serves as a good mirror with fog resistant glass and IP41 waterproofing. From the tech aspect it also packs 10W stereo speakers, a translucent overlaying interface that measures 800x500x50 mm, WiFi connectivity, an operating system that stores personal data like calendar entries, messages, weather and other data. Basically, it’s an excuse for you to work, even while bathing.

Of course, this one would cost a bomb. And by a bomb I mean a whopping $7,773. What troubles me is that little remote that the lady’s using.

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