CyberAgent unveils ‘What if your girlfriend were a foreigner’ English study app

by ruchi

CyberAgent, which is already known for their English conversation study application series for iPhone, “Moshi Kareshi Ga Gaikokujin Dattara Eikaiwa” (If Your Boyfriend was a Foreigner English Conversation), is up with yet another flavor which will ease you into the process of learning. The name’s pretty similar to the previous one, Moshi Kanojo Ga Gaikokujin Dattara Eikaiwa that means ifyour girlfriend was a foreigner English Conversation. The developers are offering this app for discounted price of 170 yen i.e. US$2.21 equivalent and post that it would hike to $3.25.

The app features a romantic drama setup where players have to one of three foreigner characters and follow along the progress of each story. They also get to talk on the phone with their selected partner once a day. They can improvise on their listening skills by following the conversation and also learn 300 English idioms.

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