Cyber Snipa’s Warboard makes PC gaming 20 times simpler

by Dhiram Shah

warboard_keys2side.jpgImagine having a keyboard that has not 10 or 12 but 20 programmable gaming keys. It’s possible with The Warboard from the Australian company Cyber Snipa. Of the twenty, ten are assignable macro keys. Five of them are at either end of the keyboard. The next ten are by way of the “macro mode.” You can manage your dedicated keys with the Macro-Force Software. The Warboard comes with a full set of 17 replaceable combat keys, they light gray colors help in keeping the hands in the correct position while playing a game. The keys feature symbols such as knife, pistol and sub-machine gun to help you navigate. It gameboard even features the windows keylock button that deactivates MS Windows keys (especially the Windows Start key) so that you don’t accidentally deviate from the game. The media hotkeys include volume up/down, mute, forward, back and stop.

Available in a sleek Armor Plate finish, the Warboard comes with a palm rest, key removal tool, 17 replacement keys, CD installation disk and manual with warranty. It will be available for $69.99.

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