Cyber Clean blob cleans your keyboard like no other

by mohsin

The title of the world’s dirtiest work tool ever, stays with the keyboard because no matter what we do we cannot get it back to its mint new condition. You could try anything from compressed-air sprays and tiny brushes that will just move the dirt around in your keyboards, telephones and other electrical gadgets. This blob however has a different way of working up the dirt, the Cyber Clean is a blob that splurges into every tiny corner, and picks up dead skin, hair and food and absorbs it back into itself. The blob has an antibacterial formula neutralizes everything it manages to pick up; the company says 80% of the dirt is cleaned this way.

The Cyber Clean is priced at approx $14, this blob isn’t just cool to use it even lets you know via a color indicator if the product needs replacing and is green when disposed of as it disappears into nature.

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