Cyber Relaxing Massage chair AS-770 can send you into a tranquil state

by Shruti Shree

Massage after an exhausting day of work might be a dream come to true for most of us. But, we neither have the time, nor the energy to go to the spa after work. This is the time when the Cyber Relaxing Massage chair AS-770 by Fuji can come to your rescue. This chair can be especially helpful if you have stiffness in the shoulder or lower back pain. Admit it; many of us have experienced one of these, after a long day of continuous work on the computer or laptop in our offices. Cyber Relaxing Massage chair has a “grip loosening mechanical unit” which can grasp your shoulder in a particular way, reducing muscle stiffness in the shoulders. Such kind of technology has been used for the first time in this industry, 4 large and small Tsunomomi balls squeeze the shoulders from above and below in such a manner, that it feels like a manual massage by a massage therapist. There is an air bag on each part namely shoulder, arm, pelvis, calf and foot so that each part of the body is equally comfortable. The technique used by a professional massage therapist is used by this chair, for example, you can choose from one of the five courses – systemic fatigue recovery / systemic concentration / shoulder fatigue recovery / hip fatigue recovery / stretch”. There’s also a “hot back water heater” feature which sends out warm air to the whole back from around the waist. The heater and the air bag in the back of the foot can relieve edema to a great extent.

cyber-relaxing-massage-chair-2Despite the tranquil effect the chair can give, most people will still be reluctant to buy this chair because it can occupy a lot of space because of its huge size. Well, the Fuji Cyber Relaxing Massage chair AS-770 is 30% more compact than before, and it is so durable that it will last for years. It can be heritage which can be passed from generations to generations. The Red and Brown colour of the chair can most probably blend well with your interiors. The Cyber Relaxing Massage chair AS-770 will be launched in January 2015 and is expected to be priced at around ¥ 300,000 (including tax).






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