Cuvestormer II robot made from Lego bricks and smartphone solves Rubik’s Cube in 5.32 seconds

by Gavril Mankoo

Using a symbiotic union between a bunch of Lego bricks and an Android-powered brain, this geeky device puts most human minds to shame, solving the good old Rubik’s Cube puzzle in a meager 5.32 seconds! Called the Cubestormer II, the robot uses Lego pieces and four Mindstorms NXT kits with a Samsung Galaxy S II for a brain. Using a Bluetooth connection, ARM processors, the smartphone’s camera and the dual core processor nestled inside the Galaxy S II, the Cubestormer II managed to beat the world record time taken to solve the puzzle by a human mind, about 5.66 seconds! And yes, the brains behind this project have a video up to prove the same as well!