Custom Nike shoes by Kohl’s Customs pay tribute to the good ol’ NES

by Gavril Mankoo

Why is custom-made stuff always better than conventional stuff you pick off store-shelves? Well, the uniqueness factor does play a huge part in winning the attention of many, particularly for the fact that you possess something no-one else around does! Which is also why we’ve fallen head-over-heels for this pair of shoes. Designed by Michael Kohl, an art teacher from Toronto, this latest pair rolled out by Kohl’s Customs pays tribute to the NES, the good old 8-bit gaming console that played a huge part in entertaining the masses years ago. The shoes come in a box painted to look like the NES console and also sport details of some of the console games, including the legendary Super Mario Bros.

The front of the shoes is painted to resemble the NES console’s controllers, while the sides of the shoes sport NES game scenes. While one shoe sports the legend “Continue” on its back, the other is decorated with the words “Game Over”. The shoes are a Nike pair with new laces, complete with the controller plug added on for an extra dash of nostalgia. This pair will set you back by $450.












[Via – Ohgizmo and Kohlscustoms]

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