Cuberox Linux Cube gadget comes with six waterproof sides and apps

by Gareth Mankoo

Computers are shrinking in size and in some cases, resolution as well. Take the 16×16 pixel Cuberox computer that offers six display sides and runs on Linux operating system. Besides being water proof, the gizmo allows users to run a number of applications on each side of the cube. Developers can also create their own applications with the help of an API that is written in JavaScript. The talents of this simple yet compelling design extend to moving it in a particular direct to affect results on the six displays.

cuberox-2To make the idea more acceptable, the developers have gone one better than most smart cubes we have seen in the past. The water-resistance on the orifice-free body is one thing while the wireless charging adds another dynamic altogether. The Cuberox Linux Cube retails for as less as $199 a pop.

[Via – The-Gadget-Flow]