CST-01 poses as the world’s thinnest watch

by Gareth Mankoo

First television screens, then cellphones and now wrist watches. The slimming bug is hitting gizmos and accessories quicker than fashionistas. Yet so, we wouldn’t mind the CST-01 claiming our attention span for a bit. It’s just 0.8mm thin with a thickness of a bracelet. The stainless steel watch shows off its E-inch display and 12-gram weight quotient to many dropping jaws. The E-ink display extends to increase more advantages like minimal battery usage. It charges in 10 minutes and can last about a month! The watch can be recharged a total of 10,000 times and lasts over 15 years.

Currently a Kickstarter initiative, the $129 watch is up for pre-order. In fact, the makers have managed to accrue $613k of its $200k target. Now lets hope for the September 2013 delivery promise to come true!