Crysis 3 made official

by Gareth Mankoo

My heart skipped a beat and a billion possibilities came to mind when we think of Crysis 3 being officially announced. There’s a huge counter-exciting bit of news that follows, saying the game isn’t going to be here until next year. In all the turmoil we could barely pick snippets on the advantages of the Nanosuit of Prophet, as he goes about with his usual business. It’s said that we can expect seven Nanodome environments in the third rendition of the game. More after the jump.

Pre-ordering the game from Origin will bag you the Hunter Edition with which, ‘comes with a special Hunter Nanosuit and players get XP boost for online play to level 5 along with access early to the signature bow and attachments. Players also pre-order other packs via retailers such as the Stalker Pack, Overkill Pack, and Predator Pack. Each of those packs will give access to a different weapon early in the multiplayer version of the game’. The game will land in the Spring of 2013. Pre-order now will cost $60.