Cryptex Flash Drive has taken analogies literally, and how

by Gareth Mankoo

Keeping cryptic symbolism is pretty cool because it makes you look ancient and wise. Then when you get cool gizmos that actually use these ancient methodologies to achieve security you can’t help but marvel at their value. This amazing Cryptex Flash Drive fits this category of awesomes. Being a USB drive does have its share of threats but not in case of the Cryptex Flash Drive, that’s unfortunately engraved in Russian. The whole drive can be taken apart as you can see in the image after the jump and needs to be assembled. There’s only one way to get into the data that this drive holds. Solve the cryptic puzzle. How? We’re not aware, yet.

It’s a good idea to incorporate the old and new storage method for secrets. It’s likely to be a brass assembly of finely crafted parts, if I’m not wrong.01b.jpg