Credit card sized Urine powered Battery

by Dhiram Shah

Researchers in Singapore have developed a credit card sized urine powered battery. The battery is made of a layer of filter paper steeped in copper chloride sandwiched between strips of magnesium and copper, then laminated in plastic. When a drop of urine is placed on the plastic, the urine soaks through the paper providing the necessary conditions to generate electricity. The magnesium acts as the battery’s anode, shedding its electrons, while the copper chloride acts as the cathode, gathering them up. A drop of urine generate 1.5 volts of power equivalent of a AA battery. The energy generated by the battery keeps a digital wristwatch or a scientific calculator going.

The technology could provide a disposable power source for electronic diagnostic devices that test urine and other body fluids for diseases like diabetes. The concept is not limited to urine and could work with any body fluid including semen, blood or tears, as long as the fluid isn’t neutral at pH 7.
With oil prices touching historing heights we are looking foward for a pee powered car.

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