Creative’s next-gen Sound Blaster X-Fi HD USB Sound Card is out with an option to record your LPs to Mp3

by Shayne Rana

Make way for a brand new sound card from the master blasters themselves, Creative. The Sound Blaster X-Fi HD USB Sound Card is the next-gen version of their previously announced X-Fi Surround 5.1 USB. Although it offers almost the same specs as the 5.1 USB it does have a few improvements. THX TruStudio Pro is on board to enhance your audio for the hardcore gamer and movie buff. The addition to the new card is an audio input and capture ability. It also offers front-facing headphone jacks that are of the larger 1/4 inch variety that you’d find in broadcast booths and PA system. It’s even got specially suited RCA inputs for phonograph input. The final enhancement is the software that’s bundled with it that can be used to convert LP’s to FLAC, OGG or MP3 formats. It’s shipping via Amazon or Creative’s online store for $99.99.