Creative unveils Skype-friendly HD webcam

by Gavril Mankoo

Skype has had its reasons to turn its back on Microsoft’s and Logitech’s HD cameras that the firms pulled out of their factories recently, simply because these lack an onboard video processor, making them incapable to function on older computers. These do seem to work, though Skype doesn’t guarantee their capabilities. So, picking up on just that, Creative has come up with a webcam with a built-in H.264 encoder and a quad-mic system, picking up clear videos and audio from a range of up to 10 feet and capable of working with older and sluggish computers without straining their CPUs to exhaustion.

The only turn-off here though is the hefty price tag this one carries, $150, a sum not too many of us would want to spend just to have our far-away acquaintances have a closer look at the little hairs on our faces.