Creative uncreatively launches the Zen Moo MP3 players

by mohsin

Creative decided one day to live up to its name and make a MP3 player that is inspired by the face of a cow. The Creative Zen Moo is the result of going overly creative while designing a music player that looks more like a hate gift rather than a romance inducing lollypop. The ZEN Moo looks just like the ZEN Stone with built in speaker now in the form of a cow. The ZEN MOO Plus comes with an OLED screen, in-built speaker, FM radio, decent 20 hours play time, microphone and also comes with games. For the ZEN Moo Plus, you are to navigate the player using the cow’s horns and nose. Both players only come in 2GB capacity.

The Creative Zen Moo players will be offered in four-color variations (white, pink, red, and yellow); the prices of these players are yet to be announced. Let’s just hope that the company doesn’t get too creative with its pricing.