Creative D200 and D100 wireless speakers go colorful

by Gareth Mankoo

Creative have lived up to their name with the bringing out of these cool new wireless speakers. The D200 and the D100 will be coming out to fill your life with not just sound but also style. The D200 will have the ‘sonic soul’ that was seen earlier on the ZiiSound D5. You can get up to 9 Watt RMS over each channel. The D100 will be the colorful one and will have battery power (4x AA) as well as main power supply. At a volume of 75% you will be able to enjoy 40 hours of playback. It comes with just 2 watts RMS over each channel though.

The D200 (£90/$139) and the D100 (£60/$92) will be expected to come in by July. The D100 will come in black, pink, green and blue.