Creative unveils the Woof 3 Bluetooth speaker, delivering high quality audio with a 45mm driver

by Gavril Mankoo

Creative has created a little spot for itself in the minds of audiophiles with its outstanding audio products. Joining the lineup is the new Creative Woof 3, a palm-sized Bluetooth speaker that works as the perfect companion for a smartphone or a tablet computer. The Woof 3 is capable of connecting with a smartphone via Bluetooth or an AUX-in. the player also supports a microSD card, enabling you to play audio tracks in WAV/FLAC/APE formats without compromising on quality. The speaker sports a premium metal alloy housing that contains a 45mm driver and a passive bass radiator.

creative 2
Apart from all of this, the Woof 3 also includes a hidden microphone, enabling you to answer calls and use the speaker for conversations, via Bluetooth. The speaker boasts 6 hours of high quality playback on a single charge, making it the ideal accessory to carry outdoors too! To charge, all you need to do is plug the USB cable in and leave the Woof 3 to juice up. The 3.5mm AUX-in makes this speaker compatible with nearly every smartphone available today. The speaker is available in a range of attractive colors, including Spring Crystallite, Summer Rouge, Autumn Gold, and Winter Chrome. Aesthetically pleasing and a treat to the ears, the Woof 3 is ripe for picking!
creative 3

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