Creative announces SXFI TRIO: USB-C In-ears with the Super X-Fi Difference

by dhiram

Creative Technology today announced the launch of the Creative SXFI TRIO, a triple-driver USB-C in-ear headphone that is designed to deliver high-quality holographic audio with all-day comfort on Android phones, PCs and laptops.Implemented with the latest Super X-Fi Gen2 technology, users can expect greater accuracy in personalization and a better all-round audio experience. Powered by the same triple-driver system as the well-received Aurvana Trio and fitted with a custom-designed Kevlar USB-C cable, SXFI TRIO sets to exceed expectations with balanced, accurate, and natural-sounding digital audio for users on the go.

Creative SXFI TRIO delivers pristine digital audio and great performance powered by an in-house tuned, hybrid triple-driver system. Each of the three drivers (two precision balanced armature drivers for detailed mids and highs, and a bio-cellulose driver for powerful yet clean bass) plays an important part to achieve maximum audio fidelity. Yielding up to 100 dB SNR and 0.008% IMD, SXFI TRIO offers users exceptional audio clarity with balanced and accurate audio that is natural sounding.

Intricately designed and engineered, SXFI TRIO is also fitted with a custom-designed, Kevlar-reinforced cable for exceptional tensile strength, and wrapped in an aluminium and copper shield for higher durability. Its all-round superior quality makes it perfect for use on mobile devices while on the go. SXFI TRIO truly sets itself apart with a new level of audio realism for calls, and makes video calls with family and friends more intimate. It’s also excellent for long calls, where the spatialization of Super X-Fi eliminates the fatigue associated with conventional headphones.

The cream of the features crop is the critically-acclaimed Super X-Fi technology, which is incorporated through an attached in-line SXFI WIRE. Users can enjoy holographic audio which is personalized for an all-natural surround audio experience that can rival a high-end 7.1 surround sound system. Creative SXFI TRIO’s angled earbuds are intricately designed and fine-tuned for long-lasting comfort, and it comes with 6 pairs of different silicone ear tip sizes, so it will be a breeze to find the perfect fit. SXFI TRIO is priced at S$199.BUY CREATIVE SXFI TRIO

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