CRC’s Rockchip dual core 10.1-inch Android tablet is thinnest out of China

by bharat

We have so many various kinds of tablets in the market that a new entrant needs to be really unique to excite us into buying it. Chinese tablet manufacturer CRC in Shenzhen visions to do just that with a Rockchip RK 30044 dual core Cortex 9 processor powered 10.1-inch Android tablet, which is touted as the thinnest tablet from China. The tablet is very elegantly designed and is really thin and it offers an impressive 1220×800 HD resolution. Besides the 1.6GHz dual core processor to power it, the tablet has 1GB of onboard memory and promises great high-def videos and fantastic operating speeds.

There is no word on the price, weight or the dimensions of CRC tablet. Yet, we learn that the wafer-thin tablet will feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connectivity in addition to two cameras, one each on the rear and front, USB and HDMI ports, 3G, GPS and micro SD card reader slot built-in.