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Crazy Blender Alarm Clock

by Dhiram Shah

Here comes another crazy alarm clock to break your sleep, this time in the form of a super funky 60´s retro-style blender. So how does it wake you up apart from the funny alarm music you will be greeted in the mornings with crazy blending action with styrofoam beads. It will surely be one of a kind gift for a sleepyhead friend as his mornings will never be the same again. You can choose form 4 funny melodies to set as an alarm, the Crazy Blender Alarm Clock is powered by 2 x AA batteries and is available in a choice of 4 colors.

The Crazy Blender Alarm Clock is

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  1. Crazy Blender Alarm Clock: Early Morning Brain Scrambler

    Add this to our list of goofy alarm clocks, and this one looks like a blender that would have been used by the hepcats back in the 60s. It wakes you up by agitating its styrofoam beads and playing your…


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