Crazy New Yorker gets a digital tattoo viewable only by a smartphone

by Sayan Chakravarty

Just a couple of decades back tattoos were a thing only for rebels and outlaws. Over the years, the taboo bit of it has definitely diminished as tattoos are more socially acceptable now but still a visible tattoo might trash your chances to land a good job. How about a tattoo that’s only visible on smartphones? Crazy it may sound but one Anthony Antonellis from New York has implanted a RFID chip between his thumb and forefinger. The tiny RFID chip is enclosed in a capsule and has an antenna.

The chip with a storage space of just 1 KB has a rainbow GIF stored in it. Holding a smartphone near the implant reveals the GIF on the smartphone screen. Anthony can change the GIF to whatever he wants but a KB space is too less to store anything considerable. Personally I think it’s a stupid idea just to go at such extreme lengths and make a rainbow GIF pop-up on a smartphone. But using the chip to store secret codes and data sounds more interesting, proper James Bond stuff! Check out the video posted by Anthony.

[Via – Dvice]

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