Could the Worlds thinnest eBook reader, the Bookeen Cybook Orizon be just another face in the crowd?

by Shayne Rana

It’s eBook readers butting heads now as more and more devices creep out of the woodwork and pre-CES is always a time that they ‘show face’. The latest is what’s being called the world’s thinnest (7.6mm) eBook reader – the Bookeen Cybook Orizon. It’s a bit of a long name which is what put me off in the first place. Parisian eBook specialist Bookeen are the guys who’ve brought this new device to light again but they had already announced it back in Jan at CES. It’s equipped with Wi-Fi, 2 Gigs of internal storage, the 6-inch touchscreen of the anti-glare variety supports multi-touch and it also comes with a preloaded web browser. The Orizon comes with a price tag of £189.99 ($300) and is available in 17 different countries. Is it going to really give the Kindle or the Nooks a run for their money or simply be just another eBook reader in the crowed?


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