Cool Light Phone concept doesn’t need your attention

by Gareth Mankoo

This cool Kickstarter initiative titled Light Phone could well be where we’re heading in a decade or two. The race to gain your attention and keep you always informed has led smartphone manufacturers to step out of their brick phones and offer other gizmos such as wearables, just so that you do not miss out on the cool features they keep packing in. The Light Phone plans to do just the opposite. With a body that’s capable of only holding up a keypad and nothing of the likes of a gyroscope, heart rate sensor, multi-megapixel camera or even a XQWDTGJRGA display! It has a simple display and functions well to make or receive calls. As a result it is incredibly big on battery capacity.

light_phone_partsThe phone will come with its own SIM card, which can be unlocked and used with any GSM carrier network. The best thing is, they have a companion app that needs to be installed on your smartphone. The app routes all calls to your Light Phone with other notifications. The 4mm thick device is up for funding on Kickstarter.

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