Conveyor belts are a thing of the past, Sushi chain delivers serves fresh fish in super fast trays

by Shayne Rana

The Sushi business is booming in Tokyo, Japan and the technology for food delivery has just had an upgrade. One store called “fish bay Dogenzaka Shibuya store” run by the Genkizushi Group, has done away with the traditional conveyor belt system at the a sushi bar that’s loaded up with all types of food. While this form isn’t all bad you could have to wait around till what you really want comes by again. The new age is much swifter and completely high tech. As an industry first, customers will now able to sit at their own space and order off a touch screen display in front of them and their food will be delivered toute suite on a super fast delivery system.

There are no standard table and chair arrangements in this establishment; instead you have a three lane set up with counters sticking out of a wall leading directly to the kitchen. Simply sit yourself down where a seat is available, choose what you want from the screen in front and your food will zip up to you on a special deliver system straight from the kitchen. It takes no more than 8 seconds for the food to leave the kitchen and be whisked to you on its serving tray lane. It covers about 70 meters in this time frame and appears to stop on a Dime in front of you. The whole set up from the time you order to the time you’re served takes no more than 1-2 minutes and looks quite entertaining and delicious as well. Soups and other liquids also make good time in this new fangled Sushi Bar. Fast food, just took on a whole new meaning with the Sushi loving crowd.





[Via – Itmedia]

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