Concrete Audio from Germany introduces high-end N1 speakers with concrete casing

by Sayan Chakravarty

It’s no brainer that wooden housing of a speaker gives the best audio quality than any other material. Over the years, we have seen materials like glass, fiberglass, reinforced plastics out of others used for speaker casing but concrete is not something we would have expected. A German company named Concrete Audio wants to change this notion by introducing high-end speakers named ‘N1’. It has exposed speakers studded into concrete housing which we thing looks great and will go well with contemporary interior design.

The company claims that speaker produces exceptional quality of sound with unrivaled purity and clarity. According to them, the amorphous and strong concrete structure of the housing cancels any vibrations and disturbing resonance even at high volume and base. We’ll definitely want to see it before we believe its superiority. But, the use of concrete makes the speaker weigh in at 80kgs (175lb). It has an output of 100W and measures 110 cm x 23 cm x 33 cm (HxWxD). It is priced at 27,034 Euros ($35,841).









[Via – Concrete-Audio]