Computer for our grandparents

by monali

citizens are always left dazed and confused while using the computer. Add that complicated software, tiny keys and small font size, and they never figure out how to do the simplest of task on the computer. Keeping this in mind online marketing company firstSTREET has launched the Go computer, specially designed for senior citizens. This computer has a 19-inch flat screen monitor and the CPU is behind it for a minimalist look and to cut down on the complicated wired web. The keyboard has oversized keys and the important keys are colored for better usability. It even has an ergonomic trackball mouse for a better user interface. The system is built using Microsoft Windows and gives access to a host of systems with emphasis on simplicity. There is a big Go button on top of this screen and pressing this button opens a drop-down list to go to any application. Besides this button, there are also buttons for print and zoom.

The Go computer is the result of extensive testing for 8 years by over 1000 senior citizens and has been tweaked to meet all their requirements. It’s available exclusively from firstSTREET for $799 and a piece of mind support for $19.95 per month. The company also offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. Senior citizens can now explore the cyber space too with this easy to use computer. Sharing digital images or online shopping won’t seem like challenge anymore with this amazing senior computer!

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