Comcast unveils its first home security bundle

by ruchi

Comcast is all geared up to set out from the confines of cable-television services and venture into its newest obsession of home-security business. After a trial run in Houston, the Philadelphia-based company is now going to expand its Xfinity Home security service to six additional cities through US. Apart from peace of mind, this service will allow users to thermostats and lights on and off remotely.

It will come with a three-year contract which will cost around $40 monthly. The biggest hiccup I see here is the steep cancellation fee of $1,100. Their service will give you 24-hour monitoring with police and fire alarm protection, as well as the ability to monitor their homes online using an iPad/iPhone app. Users can also opt for installation of webcams they will allow them to spy on their house. Teens in the house would definitely frown upon this and might think their parents will ‘abuse’ this feature. Comcast will give its subscribers a tablet-like touchscreen control device which will also feature widgets to access information on latest weather, news, traffic, and sports scores. Other than Houston, it will be available in Philadelphia; Portland, Oregon; Sarasota, Jacksonville and Naples, Florida; and Chattanooga and Nashville, Tennessee.

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