Colorful Yamaha mini audio systems can be controlled by your iDevice

by Gareth Mankoo

If colors have been the biggest pain-point in your audio production collage at home then here’s respite. The new series of colorful Yamaha audio systems paint your speaker deck with more than just sleek blacks or posh whites. Among the launches are 30W MCR-B142 and MCR-042 models that receive music from a 30-pin Apple dock, USB, aux-in. These are available in ten different colors, ensuring that your speakers are in line with the hues of your furnishing. The TSX-B142 and the TSX-B232 are wireless streaming speakers that receive audio through Bluetooth, and come with a free iOS app to control media playback and more.

The colors may vary and so do the prices in this case. The MCR-042 will commence shipping next month for $400 and the price keep going up to $550 for the TSX-B232.