Coke and Heinz PlantBottles, team up for a better tomorrow

by Shalu Pillai

The Coca-Cola Company has extended its bottle technology with Heinz for use in its ketchup packaging. The bottle technology, which was launched in 2009, uses a plastic sourced from sugarcane waste to replace 30 per cent of the plastic in beverage bottles. Heinz plans to introduce PlantBottled ketchup this summer across the United States. In sheer numbers that is 120 million of its 20-ounce retail and foodservice bottles will now get the partly renewable packaging. The PlantBottles will have a special label and environmental messages to communicate the benefits of the plant-based packaging to shoppers. This is only the beginning for Coke, who aims to invest more than $150 million in the PlantBottle technology, with a goal of reaching 100 per cent renewable and recyclable packaging as soon as the technology allows.

Although the PlantBottle technology currently costs slightly more to produce than traditional plastic costs – the companies have assured that this was not passed on to shoppers — investing in renewably sourced and recyclable packaging provides both more future cost stability and helps achieve sustainability goals. With shoppers being more aware of renewably sourced and recyclable packaging, this is sure to bring both companies long-term cost savings, benefits and plenty of goodwill.