Cocoon Smart Home security camera can detect intruders through shock waves

by Shruti Shree

Devices these days are smaller, lighter, and thinner. But, security cameras are still bigger, in the sense you need multiple devices to be set up all around the house for fool proof security. Cocoon security camera well makes an exception here. It is one golf ball size camera, just keep it any room, it will be able to detect any intruders in any other room through closed doors and walls! So just one device and you can feel safe anywhere, be it your home or any other place as Cocoon is so light and portable. Like any other security camera, Cocoon has a motion sensor, an HD camera with wide angle lens, night vision and smartphone connectivity. But is has something extra and very advanced and unique. Cocoon can detect infrasonic sound (low frequency sound waves that are below the normal range of human hearing, around 20 MHz or below). Seismologists use this technology to detect shockwaves from earthquakes. So the main idea is, whenever any unusual activity is detected inside the home, Cocoon will send alerts to you smartphone, and stream live happenings from the scene for you. Cocoon also comes with a smartphone app which has geofencing, it will know if any of your family members are at home. Cocoon will know your pets very well, so no false alarms because you tyke jumped from the table.

Many Cocoon prototypes have been developed till now but it will only go into production when the company is able to collect a fun of $100,000 USD. Till now it has been funded $46,457 USD by Indiegogo. A single Cocoon might cost you around $249.

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