Coby makes its Android 4 tablets available, start from $150

by Gareth Mankoo

The reason we turn to smaller, lesser names in the tablet market, such as Coby, is to anticipate the possibility of an Android slate that may do as well as the leaders. Then of course, there’s the whole consideration of price and other factors. Coby showed off its Android ICS prowess at CES and now we’re treated with the tablets themselves! All the tablets released in the range pack a 1GB Allwinner ARM Cortex A8 Single Core processor, 1GB RAM, capacitive multi-touch screens and are sized as 7/8/9/9.7/10 inch.

While the 7- and 8-inch tablets pack 4GB of memory while the higher ones offer 8GB. They all sell at prices ranging from $150 to $280.