Cloudy with a chance of pizza: Domino’s UK air-delivers pizzas with Domicopter

by Gareth Mankoo

What’s that in the air? A bird? A plane? Well almost, but aboard are two delicious Dominos Pepperoni Pizzas! That’s a yummier proposition than the Man of Steel could ever hope to be! Domino’s Pizza, in association with English creative agency, T + Bicuits, have devised the concept of flying pizzas. The drone in question, called the Domicopter, flew two large pepperoni pizzas over 4 miles of English country-side in a 10-minute flight, through the city of Guildford, out side London. Some may complain that it is cloudy with a chance of pizza but that’s just what your neighbor signed up for mate. It’s interesting to know how this could be hawk-proof or crow-proof, but a delicious pizza, delivered through the air could not only save time for delivery but also reduce manpower significantly. The Domicopter is basically made up of a scooter rack, belonging to a delivery boy and had a hexacopter attached to it, to make it fly.

Domino’s are leading the charge on innovation in pizza delivery. The DVD stunt they pulled off had unwary subjects salivating while watching movies. The brand is seeing more scope in every opportunity and we can safely predict these drones to be more automated and carry larger loads in the future.

[Via – Nbcnews and Fastcocreate and Hypervocal]