Clocky Alarm clock – A must for SleepyHeads

by Dhiram Shah

Earlier we had reported on the Blowfly Alarm Clock which flies around you at the desired time making irritating buzzing sound. The Blowfly clock is still a concept and far from reality, in the mean time the Clocky Alarm clock with wheels is here. It is an alarm clock for people who have trouble getting out of bed. If you hit the snooze button clocky will fire it’s engines and roll of the nightstand, fall on the floor and run around the room, searching for a place to hide where you cannot shut it up. So when it rings again you have no choice but to get up and find it. It hides in a new place everytime so you are guranteed to get up. Clocky is in production and will be on the market very soon (Exact date is not known yet).
Thanks Davebo

Clocky has been featured on CNN, NY Times, USA Today etc.
Here is a video of Clocky in Action.
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