Clock made from Recycled hard drive

by Dhiram Shah

Who says that there is no history in technology? To whoever said it show them this unique piece of the recycled hard drive clock. A hard drive that was used in 1987 has been put to use when some wise guy changed it into a clock in a very creative way, the magnetic disk of the hard drive has been used at the time keep with numbers written in hand. The clock has an antique touch to it with its wooden frame that hold the magnetic disk. A unique feature of this lock is that the original aluminum body of the hard drive has a special auto paint, which will change colours in different shades of light from purple to blue to green. Its dimensions are 11 by 10 and three quarters inches and its needles are deisgned the old vintage styles, elegantly carved.

This innovative piece costs only $135 and THIS can definitely be a gift for your geeky boyfriend this valentines. Not to keep a watch on time, but just to ogle at innovation. You can buy it at TheBlueKraken’s shop on

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