Climbstation your personal rock climbing simulator

by Dhiram Shah

Now here’s a game that is both proactive as well as exciting. It won’t get you fat like certain hand held alternatives this one will actually help you lose some calories. The ClimbStation, a Finnish innovation by Joyride Games, is the solution to safe, healthy and exciting gaming. This artificial indoor climbing wall that comes in a 30×4.8m dimension and has no ropes or harness all around you that is even scarier than an actual climb. The ClimbStation also has a smart touch screen user interface where you can select one of seven custom-built tracks. You can save your preferences and even your scores. It also gives you the chance to know the time, height, length of route climbed and, lo and behold, calories burnt! I have a feeling the household is going to look ridiculous in a few decades time. You will have the fat husband on the couch with his PLAY station and the skinny wife on a CLIMB station. The kids can go invent something in the meanwhile, or maybe use their Flyphone.

Before I stop, the coolest thing about this game is the linked option where two or more units can be interlinked to give a multi-person effect for contests and competitions. Also, it has an ‘earthquake effect’ option. Brilliant idea. The unit comes with safety pads, a control unit and software for a single climber. Available in gray, white, black, blue, green, yellow and red colours. Go grab it!
[Climbstation via Likecool]

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