Clarion FB275BT car stereo – Look Ma no moving parts

by Dhiram Shah

Clarion has done some out of the box thinking for the FB275BT car stereo, it is very unique as it does not have any moving parts so no optical drives or onboard hard drive. There is not even onboard flash memory so how do you play music, it has a SD card slot for loading up your tunes. Very impractical I would say as you are bound by the storage capacity of the SD card and you have to delete old tracks to load new ones or buy a new card which is not viable as they are still very expensive when compared to a blank CD-R which costs 30 cents. Other than this the stereo has a FM tuner and Bluetooth connectivity for handsfree calling. It delivers an output of 50 W x 4-channels.

In case you are still interested the Clarion FB275BT will be available by April for $ 250.


  1. Me

    I understand that some people like CD-Rs because they’re cheap, but what the heck is practical about them?

  2. Me

    How are CD-Rs more practical than SD cards?

  3. enemy

    How are you limited by the sd card?? You can get sooooo many songs on a freaking 2gb card not to mention an 8gb one plus they are cheap on ebay. Carrying around 15 CDs instead is practical?

  4. Wes

    Agreed. You can get 2 GB SD cards for $16. Plus since there’s no moving parts the stereo is less likely to need repairs and SD cards are much more resilient than CDs since you don’t have to worry about surface scratches

  5. Josh

    True SD cards are cheap now. but I have this thing, and it only supports up to 1GB sd card. Don’t get me wrong, I love the design. It sucks that there’s no cd player, but i knew that before i bought it. Overall, i think its the coolest looking receiver yet and I don’t like carrying cds around so kudos to clarion for this one, bought mine at crutchfield btw


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