City minus human-inhabitation being built to test smart-city technologies of the future

by Gavril Mankoo

The last time we spotted a ghost town was in an old western movie, where the cowboy-hero stepped around deserted streets, looking for his long escaped nemesis. The Centre for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation, a modern-day ghost town in the making however, will be far from a deserted town where people once lived. More of a proving-ground and a testing space for smart-city technologies, the CITE will be set up by Pegasus Global Holdings, a technology company based in Washington DC, and will cost a whopping $200 million, taking three years to build. Just about everything from traffic control, smart power grids, cyber security and self-driving vehicles will be tested there, with the town covering an area of 20 miles square. So if you’re planning to leak images of what our cities of the future might look like, minus the inhabitants, you might just want to sneak up in here!


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