City of Tokyo recreated with Lego Bricks in Legoland Tokyo

by bharat

We all love our Legos and those magnificent creations made out of these kids’ building blocks. We’ve seen some of the finest, largest and most detailed Lego creations in our time, but our appetite for more is never satisfied. Therefore, when we first saw the Legoland Tokyo we were sure about featuring it here for you to see. You’ll be mesmerized by the awesomeness of Lego engineering that’s gone into building the amazing city of Tokyo resurrected on the artificial island of Odaiba in Tokyo.

While the Legoland Tokyo is so detailed that it’s difficult to tell this from the real yet there are a few prime features and the Tokyo Sky Tree standing high is one of them. Because we like building our own Lego structures, therefore there are many loose Lego pieces from Legoland Tokyo to keep us visitors busy. The structure also features a Lego themed jungle gym for the kids, so you don’t need to worry about your kids not liking it once you are here.

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