Churches offering beer friendly services to spread the work of the Lord

by Gavril Mankoo

Now a church isn’t really a place you’d want to go on a Saturday night to unwind with your chums, right? Judging by the way we think most of us prefer hitting a bar, a club or if everything seems far-fetched, a pal’s den for a more divine experience. Well, a bunch of Christian communities in the United States has come up with a fantastically supreme way to bring people back to church, so good that even Homer Simpson wouldn’t want to miss a Sunday sermon. Several communities have begun beer-friendly church services in U.S., some of which are actually held in churches! A couple of churches have also begun brewing their own ale for the masses, in order to attract those with a dwindling faith.

We think beer is certainly a great way to escalate a spiritual experience, though we aren’t sure the idea of bringing beer to church keeps it all sacred. The faithful might not take this move too kindly and are bound to voice their opinion against bringing the frothy good golden drink to church. Meanwhile, hundreds of people across the country are rekindling their faith with mugs full of beer, smiles on their faces and hearts full of grace!


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