Choosing a Domain Name: Tips to Consider Before You Buy

by Dhiram Shah

Domain name is a key element of your website. The success of your site largely depends on the domain name that you will choose for your business.

We will give you some tips on how to choose the best domain name for your website but first, here are some reasons why it is so important:

It creates first impression – your domain URL is the first thing that your user sees. They give their first impression over the name and it makes them click to visit your site or ignore because of a lame name.
It defines your brand – branding is very important and the domain name can increase your brand recognition.
It is important for SEO – as a website owner, you want your website to appear in the first few pages of search engines. This is why you do SEO or search engine optimisation. The domain name that you will use is one of the most important factors to rank higher.

Are you convinced now that domain name is that important for the success of your website? Well, here are the tips that you should consider when choosing domain name.

1. It should be unique not generic
Generic is boring and more likely not available anymore. It is advisable to find a unique name that has a nice sound (and meaning) and something that is easy to remember.

2. Keep it short
You don’t expect users to remember a long name, do you? You should choose a name that is short as possible something that they can remember easily.

3. It should be easy to type
Users should be able to type your domain name without a problem. If you have to explain the spelling twice then it will not work. You do not want users to be typing your URL wrong and then end up on another website.

4. Look for a domain name that is available across major social networking sites
You do a domain lookup to see if the domain name is available to buy. But not only that, you should check if the name is available in major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. You would want to use the same name as your handle across all major social media sites for branding purposes.

5. Avoid hyphens and numbers
Hyphens and numbers are too complicated to remember. It will confuse the users and again they might end up on a different website because of the mistake. It just gets in the way, so you might as well omit hyphens and numbers. You should stick with letters that are easy to type and remember.

6. Buy domain name in all extensions
Most people go for .com or .net, well that is a good practice indeed. However, do not limit your scope there. You should buy the domain name in all extensions. This way, you will be able to avoid conflict when someone bought the same domain name with a different extension. It can be confusing for users and it can hurt your website traffic.

Those are some tips that you should remember when choosing and buying a domain name for your website.

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