Chinese car Amulet miserably fails in crash test

by Dhiram Shah

The latest to join the list of unsafe Chinese products is cars. A leading Russian car magazine decided to put to test the $9,000 Amulet, a top Chinese model selling in Russia. Apparently Russia is China’s biggest auto-export market and the company has sold 10,119 cars in the first half of 2007. But after looking at the test it seems the picture will change, as you can see in the test the sedan’s front end is crumpled, the A pillar collapses and the driver’s door pop’s out of the frame.

Chery contends that the test was biased. The lab that conducted it is owned by Russia’s biggest car maker, OAO Avtovaz, a major Chery competitor.


  1. Steve P

    Chery are concerned and they should be, let’s see them spread some confusion over this.

  2. vern

    wht the f*** do we Americans but ANYTHING from them! It’s cheap and poorly constructed and is dangerious to all of us. And the worst part is they don’t give a shit it’s slave labor that buildfs their stuff anyway. Boycott their products!!!

  3. Sirius

    Driver = dead
    How can they even sell this car?

  4. Lvl 12 Asian Dwarf Ranger

    It needed a better enchantment. I mean jeez the Amulet didn’t even do a saving throw… Autonewbs

  5. Sven Spaghetti-O

    They failed to mention that the Lo Mein and Wontons survived intact. Plus, the delivery was 45 seconds faster due to time saved by the ejection of the cargo!


    These cars look nice, but cost very low analogues in reek. So in Russia they very popular. 🙁


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